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|No Homework Policy

CBSE Circular No. Acad.25 /2018, Dated : 13.08.2018


With CBSE issuance of the “ NO HOMEWORK or assignment to Primary grades of I & II”, the St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE) reiterates its commitment to the holistic development of learners inside and outside the classroom.

The said issuance aims to enable learners to have more quality time with their parents, family, and friends by limiting the homework / assignment to a reasonable quantity on school days and by eliminating the same during weekends and after school hours.

It is in this regard that the Primary wing supports the NO HOMEWORK policy proposed by CBSE, by ensuring that they complete all assignments and projects in school, the no-homework policy enables our learners to find balance between their academic development and personal growth by having ample time for enjoyable activities with family.

St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE) is committed to provide the most joyful, creative, exploratory and vibrant school experience & environment for its learners.

At St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE), we do not assign any homework to the students upto class 2nd.

From classes 3rd & 4th, homework is assigned for only 2 subjects per day alternatively.

Not more than one class tests are conducted in a single day.


To reduce the load of the school bag, we have provided Book lockers to each student. Book Load is prepared and given to the parents with a request to send only books mentioned in the book load for different days.

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