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|Child Protection Committee

We, at St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE) adopt a policy of Zero Tolerance for any kind of abuse to our children giving rise to the formation of a Child Protection Committee


Everybody’s job is to ensure that our child is safe. We at St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE) go to great lengths such that a child is safe and secure and we bear a moral responsibility towards each and every child’s safety.

This is the ethos behind the endeavor of forming a Child protection Committee at St. Philomena's Central School (CBSE). We as a committee of like minded fellow human beings strive to work out a stringent policy of Zero Tolerance towards child abuse in any form be it verbal or physical.


We strongly believe that it the basic human right of a child to be safe and secure. We adopt very strong measures of punishment in case anybody is found guilty of child abuse.


The Committee consists of -

Ms. Jailekha Chandraiah
Director, St. Philomena's Group of Institutions.
Mrs. Yeasmin Nahar
Mrs. Sarada
Coordinator (Primary)
Mrs. Hemalatha
Coordinator (Kindergarten)
Dr. Arpita Kundu
Science Teacher
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